This website is a dream come true!

Thirty years ago, Living Memories© was born at VSB radio. Sunday mornings became the most talked about radio program. It prompted conversations in cafeterias between colleagues who rarely conversed at length with each other, at our banks, around the water cooler of large businesses. The reason for the excitement was that the stories being told by Bermuda’s senior citizens could not be found in out history books. The callers were from all walks of life. Letters to the editor of our daily newspaper were frequent and complimentary. An article written by ‘Scribbler’ entitled ‘Play it again Sam’ was found among my souvenirs, it prompted me to ask my good friends Everest & Linda Mello, if they thought the return of Living Memories© would be welcomed …….their reply was an overwhelming “yes girl without a doubt”.

Technology has certainly come a long way since 1984 – it affords you the opportunity to hear some special calls made 25 + years ago by persons who have now deceased. We thank their families for permission to post their loved ones voices on the Internet.

Have fun with your family by trying to identify locations, buildings, ships, hotels, streets. Seeing the old bank notes will certainly prompt conversations especially that ten pound note!

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